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Bienvenue (Welcome),

I'm Callie Leonor, a Spiritual Wellness Blogger, Hairstylist (specializing in wavy & curly hair textures). I'm a Makeup Artist specializing in makeup for women over 35 and who prefer more of a fresh natural look. Also, I'm a Clean Beauty Advocate and Artist, with a passion for all things beauty and a keen eye for style. Over the years, I have become a leading voice in my industry, sharing my knowledge and expertise with the world through my blog, social media channels, and businesses.

As a Curly Hair Specialist, I've dedicated my career to helping people embrace and celebrate their natural curls. With my signature approach to styling and care, I've helped thousands achieve healthy, bouncy, and defined curls. I'm also an advocate for clean beauty products (products free from known harmful chemicals and toxins), which inspired me to launch my own online store curated with collections of non-toxic and eco-friendly hair, makeup, and skincare products along with electic apparel and accessories.

In addition to my beauty pursuits, I'm also an accomplished artist and ghost writer, using my creativity to bring new dimensions to my brands. From hand-drawn illustrations, copy writing, to custom product packaging, my signature style adds a unique and personal touch to everything I do.

Whether you're looking for tips and tricks on how to style your curls, searching for clean and safe beauty products, or simply seeking inspiration, I'm here to help. Follow me on my journey and discover a world of beauty, style, creativity and inspiration.

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