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Best For Summer 2023

Quick Dry Roots & Finish with Air Dry

The pic attachment is so awesome for just drying the roots and giving a volume boost to the root area while protecting midstrands and ends of hair.

Sun Protection For Hands With Style

Hands help us through life and hold our energy. Take care of your hands and don't let them get sunburned. Protect your hands with style.

Best Summer Palette - all skin tones

Ultra luxe, creamy, rich pigment, suitable for all skin tones in all the shades perfect for summer. Can be used on both cheeks & lips. Use individually or mix together for unique shades. 

Summer Rose Refreshment For Hair & Face

Rose water is my favorite solution to a sweaty face and frizzy hair. The smell of rose is known as mood elevator


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Based in River Ridge / New Orleans, I specialize in dry haircutting, fine hair texture, wavy & curly hair, natural makeup, going gray hair color, blogging, business ownership, and spiritual advising. As a beauty and style advisor, I also offer fashion and beauty consulting, image styling, and personal shopping services for a hassle-free experience while you embark on your journey of becoming a new you 


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