Come Be My Guest
 Come Be My Guest

Welcome! My name is CALLIE LEONOR


I have over twenty years of experience helping my fellow human beings with their hair. 

I love solving hair problems, healing stressed hair, and iginiting a good relationship between you and your hair.


Whether its a refresh or a complete change, I'm here to actively listen, find actionable solutions, and journey with you in your hair evoluton. I practice being a great listener and have a tremendous passion for my craft.  Even though my art is on your head that you walk away with and live your life in,  it is indeed your head and your hair. I'm respectful of each person's boundaries, specific needs, and unique qualities.  I'm not scissor happy and will be upfront with you if something will not work. 


I have over two decades of specialized education and training. Continued education is a top priority in staying current and creatively fresh. I love learning new techniques and skills.

I believe in only using products that are formulated with zero toxicity, are environmentally friendly, and always cruelty free. Proud to promote and practice what is known as "Clean Beauty". I greatly value the trust thats given to me. I enjoy taking my time with my clients to ensure their comfort and a high standard of quality every step of the way. My daily intention is that each person I meet leaves my side feeling way better than when they arrived. My overall intention is that as we collaborate together, we can build a long lasting, trusting, and creative friendship. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration, trust, and support. 

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