Active Mindul Listening

A Unique & Memorable Experience

The number one problem I hear from people is how they feel they're not being heard. I hear that people are feeling like they're not being fully understood. 


Practicing Active Mindful Listening can be a game changer. Fully understanding one another is a key component in achieving a successful result in any aspect of life. 


Being a practitioner (practice, practice, practice) of Active Mindful Listening, also known as Conscious Listening, has helped me in so many ways. Especially in effectively learning about my clients, understanding what their expectations are, and how to best serve them. Having this kind of mutual understanding builds trust, helps to identify or anticipate problems, and ensures a happier more relaxed experience together. 


Let's Get Strategic & Design a Blueprint Together

I see myself as successful when my clients are getting the results they want, feeling better and healthier, and enjoying what makes them who they are. 


By nature I'm a solution oriented person. I get hyper focused on identifying what the problem is, finding actionable solutions, and then implementing a game plan.


One of my main joys through my work  is witnessing the metamorphosis of someone I've been working with. Being part of the change in a person, from feeling frustrated and never feeling good about their hair or style, and transform to fully embracing themselves is such a special high of its own. 


Crafter Of Hairstyles, Shaper Of Curls, Healer Of Stressed Strands, Spiritual Consultant

Most people are aware of how an appointment with their hairstylist can be its' own unique form of therapy. I believe it's part of my divine mission to help others understand and appreciate themselves more.


It's so enjoyable to celebrate each person's special qualities that make them unique. I love turning those individual traits into star features of your persona. 


I have been so blessed to have met and worked with so many wonderful, interesting, and beautiful souls. I feel so grateful to have made a difference in their lives. They all have added and enhanced my life experience. 


Over the span of more than two decades, I have collected personal stories, life lessons, pearls of wisdom, nuggets of truth, and adages of the journey of life. Let me share them with you. Let's get to know each other and see what transformation or metamorphosis awaits. Schedule an appointment or book a talk by clicking the link below. 

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